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Situated to the west of Philadelphia is one of Pennsylvania’s finest communities – Bryn Mawr.  Home to Bryn Mawr College, this historic town is part of the collective of upscale suburban communities known as the Main Line and certainly one of its most admired.  The Bryn Mawr real estate market is brimming with properties that attract a range of buyers from professionals to families.

Founded in 1704, Bryn Mawr was originally settled by Welshmen; hence, the unique name that means ‘high hill’ in Gaelic.  By the mid 1800’s, with the expansion of the Pennsylvania Railroad west, Bryn Mawr began to take root, first providing cooler summer residence to wealthy Philadelphians and eventually developing into the flourishing community it is today.  Currently the Bryn Mawr real estate market, atmosphere, and lifestyle are a blend of its long history as well as modern amenities ranging from shopping centers to quaint local stores, fine restaurants, and excellent public and private schools.

The range of Bryn Mawr real estate properties that are currently available reflect the complexity of the community.  Select from vintage properties like authentic colonial homes to new condominium developments.  Prospective buyers will be delighted to find that whatever their preference, they are able to find a home that provides all of the modern comforts one would need within wonderful settings filled with beauty and character.

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