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Narberth, a tiny Borough measuring no more that half a square mile, is located at the center of the Lower Merion Township.  It was established in 1895.  Due to its small size and easy layout, Narberth is a town where all the attractions, recreations, library, and school are within a short walking distance from residences.

Narberth is located approximately one mile from the corporate limits of Center City Philadelphia. Narberth is constantly improving its commercial life with a downtown shopping area and different restaurants and bars.  Narberth also offers residents some of the best recreational faculties of the Main Line. The Borough has two park facilities equipped with playgrounds suitable for all ages. 

The borough is a very hot real-estate market, one of the most desirable for moderately priced homes on on the Main Line. Over 100 homes are sold in Narberth every year, in all price ranges.