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Bala Cynwyd


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Bala Cynwyd is a suburb nestled on the Main Line, close to the Western reaches of Philadelphia. As the name suggests, Bala Cynwyd was originally settled in 1682 by Welsh colonists of the same group that settled and developed Lower Merion. These sturdy pioneers came into this splendid rolling country, lying west of the Schuylkill River, very early in the development of Pennsylvania. These colonists were Quakers, from the lake region of northern Wales, and they came here to freely practice their faith and to live in peace with their neighbors. These goals are evidenced when they established the landmarks of the Merion Friends Meetinghouse and the Lower Merion Academy. 

Today, Bala Cywyd is a hub of modern business, recreation, and leisure.  Since 1952, Bala Cywyd has increasingly become identified with the home of the Philadelphia region's major media outlets, both television and radio.  The Bala Cynwyd Shopping Center, completed in 1957, lies a half mile to the south of the village center, bordering Philadelphia on City Avenue.  It boasts small boutiques and department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor.   

The Neighborhood Club of Bala Cynwyd, established in 1906, preserves the residential character of the neighborhood and promotes civic welfare and community spirit.   Bala Cywyd also boasts the first Boy Scout troop in the United States, Troop 1.

Whatever your needs, Bala Cywyd offers many amenities to suit you and your family.  It's closeness to the city makes everything accessible, while still being private and secluded.